Anything goes with Brad Elvis

Who is this Brad Elvis guy going on tour with The Romantics? Well, not only is he a seasoned rock ‘n roll drummer but he is also the band’s unofficial stand up comedian.

Case in point: Brad hasn’t been to the movies lately because he doesn't have any patience. “If I had patience I would be a doctor,” he said. Get it?

Here's the dish on Brad. He is a self-taught drummer who says he's been playing drums “since forever” and has been writing songs for just about as long.

Brad insists he met Wally Palmar and the boys through “Internet dating” but in reality he met them when his band the Elvis Brothers, who had two albums out on Sony, and The Romantics played a few tour dates together.

Currently, he also has a band called the Handcuffs with vocalist/songwriter Chloe F. Orwell (the pair originally hooked up several years ago in the band Big Hello, which released three CDs and toured the country). Elvis says The Handcuffs sound like “No Doubt meets the Foo Fighters.” Log onto to see what the rockin,’ fashion friendly duo is all about.

Brad also is hooked on Subterranean on MTV2 to help keep up on what's new in the world of modern music. Read on to hear it straight from the drummer's mouth.

There are so many. Everything from The Who to Jack Benny. Basically I like anything that is quirky and different. Something that definitely has a lot of humor and style.

Before the show:
I don't have any big rituals. I go to the bathroom then practice with my
sticks before we go on stage.

During the show:
I love drumming and I love entertaining people. Basically I like to have a good time and hopefully the other people on stage and the audience will be having a good time, too.

Words to the rookie drummer:
Practice a lot, don't give up, and don't ever get on the sound engineer's bad side.

I want my MTV2:
I watch MTV2 (and all the music channels), but they tend to focus too
much on reality shows and hip hop. But I will say, at the moment I'm
enjoying “Hey Ya” by Outkast. VH1 Classics is a fun channel too. I get
to see everything about the 80’s that I tried to forget.

Currently listening to:
The Distillers
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
The Romantics
Queens of the Stone Age
Velvet Underground
Led Zeppelin
The Handcuffs