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Found this great review (Read 1211 times)
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Found this great review
Jan 13th, 2008 at 12:07am
Found this while surfing the net today.....pretty impressive!

  The Romantics -The Best Band to play Vegas
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Friday 25th May 2007.......It was a normally hot day in Las Vegas but it was to get hotter that night.....but let me give you some background information as to why.......
Many years ago I bought a Vinyl LP by a band just because I was intrigued by the cover which showed 4 guys with BIG hair...the LP was called In Heat  and the song I loved was Talking In Your Sleep.....I soon found out they had been around quite a while and I backtracked and bought all there albums and I heard a song called What I Like About You.......Woooooh Nelly..........Tremendous.........
Go forward to 2002 at International Pop Overthrow Music festival  in Los  Angeles I met a couple of people who had a band called Big Hello from Chicago.....singer Chloe F Orwell and drummer Brad Elvis.....we hung out and generally had a good time.........much later Big Hello became The Handcuffs and brought out a great album Model For a Revolution which I love so much
In 2006 my friend Lucky (a 6 foot 5 inch Canadian) and I went to see a Band at what was then The Southcoast Casino South Las Vegas Blvd......They went on stage and proceeded to completely BLOW OUR MINDS with the best show by any band we had seen play in Las Vegas......The drummer looked familiar......it was Brad....and I couldn't get back to say hello and unknown to me Chloe was there to...........
OK so the 22nd May 2007 I went on The Handcuffs MySpace site and fired off an E-mail to Brad and Chloe and asked Brad if we could meet up that week as THE SAME GREAT BAND
was playing Sunset Station Casino on the 25th..........
Return mail from Chloe was very sweet saying Brad would be very happy to meet up and gave me his cell number......
Thursday 24th I went down to meet Brad at Sunset Station
and met  him and the band who were just really nice guys and they were questioning me about my time working for The Move in 60's UK,they were huge fans.....I had a really great time and I arranged to come over the next day for soundcheck.......
3pm next day Wally Palmar,Mike Skill,Coz Canler and Brad Elvis ran through a sound check which included Glad All Over by Dave Clark Five and I Like It like That by R & B singer Chris Kenner.......these guys are THE ROMANTICS
Go forward to that evening and in front of a 2/3 full Madrid Club (Station Casino's take note ADVERTISE YOUR SHOWS)The Romantics took to the stage and starting with Rock You Up proceeded to repeat that performance I had seen the year before only EVEN BETTER........Lucky was there with our friend Rob who said I want to go on tour with these guys .........Going through their catalog of songs including Talking In Your Sleep and What I Like About You
they blew the roof off the place and left everyone with their mouths on the floor Mike switches from bass to guitar with Wally half way through the set and ups the energy and Coz just tore the place apart with his guitar chops and licks and my friend Brad is the most amazing drummer to watch with his stick acrobatics and his awsome loud backbeat.......Wally sang his heart out and the whole experience left me wanting MORE and questioning why anything this good should play to a partially sold crowd..............
So MY POINT IS THIS ....when I post that this band are coming back to Las Vegas or if you see them playing in your city......go and see them and appreciate that you only get this good if you want to show everyone out there that you're not taking any prisoners and that the name of the game is Rock `N` Roll..........
Thankyou guys ...it was one of the greatest pleasures of my life to become your friend and witness something this great,
THE ROMANTICS RULE and next time it'll be packed to the rafters
Thankyou Chloe and Brad...............The Romantics Rocked Me UP and I won't forget it.......
Oh yeah ,my new MySpace default pic...Wally said it looked like they were a 5 piece band ....now to quote The Beach Boys ...Wouldn't It Be Nice....I was proud ...it's the hair baby!
Here's to the next time.........The Guru

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