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What happened to Wally Responds to Your Question?! (Read 6632 times)
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What happened to Wally Responds to Your Question?!
Oct 18th, 2006 at 3:25pm
What happened to Wally Responds to Your Question?!
The enormous text file was still intact, but the individual files are missing. †So I sorted through the code and extracted the text. I hope I didn't miss anything!
The file is so large that I need to break it down into a few posts. Thanks for your patience.
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Wally Responds to Your Questions Part 1
Reply #1 - Oct 18th, 2006 at 3:41pm
Wally Responds to Your Questions!

bookies_original: If you could ask the band just 1 question, what would it be?

solodka: If you were not a musician, what do you think you would have been?

Wally: "I would have followed some kind of an art path.

And if you could be anything that you wanted to be, what would it be now?

Wally: "Simple, a Victoria's Secret photographer/stylist!"
Here's a follow-up question to your answer....

What kind of art would you (or do you) do besides music?

Wally: " Paint by numbers! †LOL! †Seriously, figure illustration. †I love drawing nudes as long as there is a live model involved!" †

Rob: I would want to get the complete story behind why Jimmy left, and why they couldn't make it work with him.

bookies_original: rob, i said one question, not an entire novel!!

Rob: That's a good point Bookies!!

BrewCity: That is just one question.....but the answer could be a whole book. Great question, though.

bookies_original: ok brew, you are correct!! anyhow, here is the deal:
Wally has agreed to answer some fan questions on a regular basis. †I am looking for the most thought †provoking questions which I will post his answers to. Ask away everyone!!

Andrew: Was 'What I Like About You' written for someone special?

Wally: "No, not really, but lyrically you should ask Jimmy that one.

bookies_original: Did the band ever really get their fan mail back in the 80's that was sent via the address given on their albums?

Wally: "Some perhaps, but not all I'm sure.

bookies_original: my question for wally would be: What romantics song (sound) (old or new) best represents them musically as a band?

Wally: "Both the 1st and 2nd albums are a very good representation of the Romantics as a d**n good, young, tight, rock band.

bookies_original: or in the same vein, their proudest achievement as artists?

Wally: "On 61/49 the band was involved in the total process of the making of the album. Starting from the writing, recording, mixing and production of the album; which we had never done before on any other projects.
61/49 let the band explore a lot of different ideas that they had always wanted to do and never had done before because of record label involvement. We had more creative control on this album. But as songwriters we are proud of every song that we have written. The problem is with some of the recordings, the production values have made certain songs sound better than others.
KristineAOrlando: how about....If you had to pick one song you could NEVER sing again, what would it be?

Wally: "Row, Row, Row Your Boat"

rockford_boy: I have only heard from Brad on this question, but did you get a chance to watch the Rockford DVD and do you like it?


Wally: † "I did happen to see most of it. †I scanned through it to see what the audio and visuals were like. †They were very good. †It's always good to have our performances documented. †I tend not to analyze our live videos that much. †But instead go by the reaction of the fans that see it.

bookies_original: What or who inspired you to become a musician?

Wally: †"Listening to the radio, playing my brother's 45's, seeing the Beatles, Stones, The Who and various other bands perform on TV probably were the biggest influence on me learning to play guitar. †Harmonica influences were based largely on Keith Relf, Van Morrison, Phil May, Mick Jagger, Brian Jones, John Lennon; †there were so many people to name, but those are just a few. †My father gave me my first guitar when I was about 12 years old and the rest is history.

buyadodge: do you have any info on a show here in september at the music hall with a great choice of Question Mark and the Mysterions opening up? P.S. Bobby Jr. said thank you very much to you and your family.

Wally: †"Sounds like a great billing and a fun show, but there is nothing in the works at this point that I am aware of.

If you could form your own band with musicians, past or present, dead or alive, excluding anyone who has ever been a member of the romantics, what would your line up be?


Wally: †"I have too many favorites to form just one band. †If I can't form at least 5 bands, I guess I will try to settle on just one.
bass- †Paul McCartney
drums- John Bonham
guitar- Keith Richards
guitar- Pete Townsend

BrewCity: How many copies of "61/49" have sold?

Wally: "Approximately 12,000 copies of 61/49 have sold and a few thousand more pressed that are left floating around out there. I don't know how many more will be pressed in the future. They are getting harder and harder to locate even though I am sitting on 2000 copies myself!

Hee hee hee.... I bought 5 copies myself!
Is there any chance that there might be any videos made for any of the "61/49" songs?

PIRATE: its a good thing wally has a couple of thousand on hand just in case we never nedd to get your hands on a spare copy Cheesy

Wally: "There was talk of videos being made, but at this point everything is on hold depending on certain developments in the upcoming months.

pinkbubelz: Hi Wally!

I was in the Pure Detroit store (in the Fisher Building) yesterday and noticed they had a little record & CD section in the store...

But NO Romantics CDs or Records!!! Any chance of you getting them to carry your albums? Although I'm not sure how many people go there, I'm sure it would be a good bit of publicity for the band! Smiley

Wally: "I'm not sure. I will have to check on that. But if the store is interested in carrying them, they can contact Scott Guy, Web Records, 248-414-9100."

Thanks Wally,
The next time i'm in there, I'll pass on the info!

pinkbubelz: Hey Wally, do you and Mike remember a high school band called "The Slicks" from Seaholm in the early 1980s? Smiley

Wally: "The name sounds familiar, but without any particulars I can't recall them. Care to be more specific?"

solodka: Are there any female vocalists that you would enjoy having the opportunity to sing a duet with? Either past and or present is fine!

Wally: "Yes, Big Mama Thornton, Darlene Love and Mary Weiss-Stokes."

bookies_original: I just came across the EP, "Made In Detroit" on Westbound records. It was recorded in Detroit, but does anyone happen to know where the cover was shot? If not, we will "Ask Wally"!

Wally: "The photo session for "Made In Detroit" was shot at the Heidelberg project in Detroit. This was done during the time that the city was trying to make Tyree Guyton, tear his masterpiece down."

pinkbubelz: Hi Wally, "The Slicks" were a high school band from Seaholm High School in Birmingham. They are the reason I was exposed to the Romantics--I heard them play What I Like About You... and the rest is history. Smiley
Here are some of their band members.
Jim Currie (Guitar) -- I think he's the one who took lessons from Mike.
Dan Miller - Both He and Jim Currie went on to be a part of Goober & the Peas (I think he's in another band called "Blanche" at this time.)
Tom Marzella (drummer) - Tom is in San Francisco now (works in Advertising)... He used to play with a band called "Marzipan" and is now a part of "Hard Place"-- (they were at the Magic Stick last Saturday).

I can't recall if there were others were in the band....(will have to ask Tom)

Does that help? Smiley

Wally: "I remember Dan Miller and Jim Currie from Goober and the Peas, but as far as the band The Slicks are concerned, I don't recall what they sounded like."

Brew_City: what is the status of the video dual disk that VH1 was working on? Our sources had this originally coming out in September, then October, now February. Can you also shed some light on the nature of this project for us? If this is ever released, what might we expect to see on it? Thanks.

Wally: "The Romantics dual-disc is slated for release in late February. It will be part of a campaign by Sony, to promote artists from the 80's. Apparently, there will be 12 songs on one side and various video clips and interviews on the other side, both past and present. When I find out more details of exactly which videos and songs will be on the disc, I will post them.

BrewCity: Another question: Wally, we know you are a music lover. What (if any) new music do you like? Are there any young up-and-coming bands that you enjoy or favorite new songs?

Wally: "I like the new Rolling Stones album and the new Paul McCartney album. I'm not quite sure that Green Day fits into your category for new bands, but their last album is very good."

pinkbubelz: Hey Wally, Have you seen any good local bands lately?

Wally: "I enjoy going out to see local talent when I can, but I haven't been out to see any bands lately."

Rob: Wally, thanks for answering our questions! Im a huge fan and have seen the band numerous times here in San Diego, and also in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Tijuana, and even in the parking lot of an Irvine, Ca shopping mall!

My question is, is there any chance any of those great unrecorded songs from the late 80's such as Hot And Bothered, and leave Your Night light On, will ever be recorded and released?

Wally: †"The songs to which you are referring are from a collection that were written †after the "Rhythm Romance" album. †There were about †8 to 12 songs recorded as demos. † We have the tapes and somewhere down the road, those versions may turn up on an upcoming album of unreleased material or they might be rerecorded again. †Currently we are working on songs for a new release to be out, hopefully, in 2006."

buyadodge: Did you get a chance to listen to 104.3 saturday afternoon? there's a radio reunion being held saturday for all the dj's who worked for detriot area radio stations. many of the dj's from stations like cklw, keener 13, wabx, and more were on playing old jingles, sharing stories of radio from the 50's,60's and 70's. casey casim was on and johnny ginger called in with some great stories. the played richard and the young lions song open up your door. I think i'll call the station monday to see if a tape will be available. When all was said and done, early detriot radio was exciting. there was mention of concerts at the grandy ballroom featuring bands the played their back in the day. talk to you soon, bobby

Wally: "No, I didn't get a chance to hear it, but if you do get a copy of the show, I would love to give it a listen! †Growing up at that time, I fondly remember the radio disc jockeys and shows. †Radio and music from that time period was a very big influence on myself and the rest of the band."

oldfriend: I caught that show by accident. It was great. A lot of great stories and memories and they dug out some real nuggets like "I'm So Glad" by SRC (Scott Richard Case). It was great to hear my buddy Jerry Lubin on the air again. That really brought back some great memories of the old WABX, when, as they mentioned, the DJ had no playlist and could play whatever they wanted no matter how long a song was. I especially remember Jerry playing the complete side 2 of Procol Harum's "Shine On Brightly" album which was one long piece of music. Of course it was common in those days on WABX to hear the long versions of "Light My Fire", Ina Godda Da Vida"(did I spell that right?), and the Vanilla Fudge version of "You Keep Me Hangin' On" as well as the live version of "Spoonful" by Cream. Those were the days.

Joni_Scarcelli: The one question would definately be "When are you guys going come and play in Vegas?

Wally: "No plans on any shows in Vegas at this time, but that could change."

pinkbubelz: Hi Wally! Any plans to play the Hard Rock Cafe in Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland or Pittsburgh?]
(of course, we want you guys here in Detroit!)

Wally: "There has been talk about us playing some of those Hard Rocks, but as of yet no dates have been scheduled."

pinkbubelz: Wally!
What is your favorite color?

Wally: "I don't have one! †But my clothes are all red, black and white!"

What is your favorite food!

Wally: "Everything but liver, I don't have a favorite food either!"

So, can we invite you over for a home-made dinner sometime? Grin
I promise, no liver will be anywhere in sight... Smiley

Wally: "How about picking me up and taking me for a Slim Jim and a slice of strawberry pie from Big Boys on 8 mile.

oldfriend: Slim Jim and strawberry pie from Big Boy's! Whoa! That really brings back some memories. And don't forget the french fries with tartar sauce.

Wally: "An invitation is always welcome......just ask Oldfriend.

Wally: "Funny thing is that I haven't been to a Big Boy in 10 years! †And I just happened to end up at one last Saturday afternoon. †The menu hasn't changed much!"

Where do you get your hair cut?

Wally: "From "Michael, the Barber"."

And... do you still have the purple jacket you wore in Pontiac in 1999?

Wally: "Yes, it is hanging in my closet with the rest of them!"

mymeka: Wally,
It has been forever since I've seen you.
Hope all is well.
Questions for you . . .
Are you married?

Wally: "No, currently single and happy."

If you aren't married, would you like to get married?

Wally: "Is that a proposition?"

Prefer blondes or brunettes (trick question).

Wally: "Yes. I do."

bookies_original: Prefer blondes or brunettes (trick question).
yes Wally, a VERY trick question! Wink

Wally: "Who exactly are you calling a trick?"

Boris: Where do you get your hair cut?
Let me recommend...

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Wally Responds to Your Questions Part 2
Reply #2 - Oct 18th, 2006 at 3:44pm
thefaygokid: What ever happened to your red leather suit?

Wally: "The jacket is in the closet, the pants, were thrown into the crowd at Pine Knob, after the last show of our 1980 tour, but were thrown back on stage by the audience (apparently due to the smell) hang next to the jacket."

Obviously, this was way before Febreeze or "Smells-Be-Gone" was invented....

Hey Boris, are you the one in the Pink shirt? †LOL...

buya dodge: I know where the pants to the black leathers are.

BrewCity: Yeah, buyadodge, Iris knows where the black leather pants are.....she just spotted 'em on ebay.

pinkbubelz: Hi Wally!
I was disappointed to hear that the Detroit Hard Rock Cafe didn't have any Romantics Memorabilia.... Any chance you guys could get them to hang something from the band?

Wally: "The Detroit Hard Rock has never shown any sincere interest in displaying any Romantics memorabilia. †We don't feel it necessary to approach and offer them anything. †Meanwhile, the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando has expressed interest in showcasing something of ours, but we have not worked out a deal as of yet."

pinkbubelz: Orlando obviously knows a good band when they hear one!
Shame on Detroit's Hard Rock for not displaying any of your memorabilia!!!

Kevin1: Wally, I too am enjoying the new McCartney album. My question is this: I have a copy of a live show from the Rhythm Romance era that was broadcast on Philadelphia radio back in '85. I'd like to share it with the message board members, but I wanted to get your blessing first. I had hoped to post one song at a time so that everyone could build their own CD. Would that be OK with you? -Kevin G.

Wally: "Please send Bookies a copy and she can forward it to me as I would like to hear it before it becomes available to anyone."

pinkbubelz: Hey Boris, are you the one in the Pink shirt?

Boris:You still posess a sharp eye for detail!
Yeah, that's me after my Summer Vacation at
the Bangkok Phuket Hospital... nice implants huh?
You should see the work they did below the belt!
I'm also working at the local Hooters these days as well.

Not to change the subject of this post, but you made me think of a funny story that I know you will find interesting. †I once knew a guy from NY who would do anything for a bet! †Check this out! †His name is Bryan and he actually put breast implants in his body for a year! †I think C cup! †I also believe that he is now married and met his wife while he had them! †As far as I know, he still does!.

Jeanine: Hey Wally!!! I think 61/49 is absolutely brilliant and I can't wait to hear more! I feel like this record is a real turning point in music and it's only a matter of time until it's recognized by the "mainstream", (sans the corporate bastards), as the masterpiece that it is. My question is: will there be a new record in 2006 and a tour to promote it? (pleeeeeze say yes....)
Love, Jeanine from NJ
P.S. You're still a total fox Wally! Kiss

Wally: "I am glad that you appreciate and enjoy "61/49"! We are currently writing in preparation for recording a new album that we hope will be released in 2006."

Boris: "I once knew a guy from NY"
Sounds like the start of a great limerick...

pinkbubelz: We're getting off track... so...
Here's another question for Wally....

Where is the most unusual place the Romantics have ever played?

Wally: "A lot of times it is the audience that makes the show really good, really bad or "unusual"! Sometimes you get booked at a venue that you really have no business playing. Similar to the situation the Blues Brother's found themselves in while at the country/western bar behind the chicken wire! We did something very close to that somewhere in Texas. At this moment I can't recall the specifics, but you get the idea."

And, how old were you when you first started playing the harmonica & guitar?

Wally: "I started playing guitar when I was about 12 or 13 years old. I took lessons for about a year and then quit and started learning more and more from just listening to records. † I picked up the harmonica shortly after that and learned from many hours of listening and practicing by myself."

Boris: Iris,
I do like to think Wally indeed has a sense of humor,
so I try to inject some when possible.
Perhaps it amuses him when reading some of the
"more important" questions.

Now in my best Bob Eubanks voice...
"Wally when you make whoopee..."

Seriously now... What are the chances on getting
BACK to Chicago sometime?

Wally: "If the right offer comes along, we could be there at anytime. Want to make us an offer?"

...and just in case inquirin' minds gots ta know...
I did NOT have a sex change to get closer to the band.
(nor do I work at Hooters)
It was yet another feeble attempt at humor on another post
trying to liven it up a bit around here... we need that.

Smile Dammit...we CAN have fun here, if it's still allowed.

Wally: "Fun is always allowed! †I encourage it! †What Hooter's did you say that you worked at?"

BrewCity: Allowed, encouraged, required, demanded.........

Wally: "I'll drink to that!"

bookies_original: "We CAN have fun here, if it's still allowed."

question for Wally: Are we still allowed to have fun here?

Do I look like I'm not smiling? :-D

Fun is always allowed!! : Especially when it concerns Wally and The Romantics...


BrewCity: Wally: †Is Joey Harrington the man? †Or do the Lions need to start looking for another QB?

oldfriend: Hey Brew, I can answer that one for you. "Joey" has got to go and I will be glad to help him pack.

Wally: "Is that Joey Harrington or Joey Heatherton?"

thefaygokid|: Wally, I've developed the perfect set for you guys:
keep in touch, 6149, tom boy, she's hot, when i look in your eyes, out of my mind, one in a million, rock you up, little white lies, let's get started, girl next store, what I like about you. Encore - midnight to six man, a night like this, she's got everything.

What do you think?

Wally: "Sounds like a great rockin' set! †Some of those songs we haven't played in a long time. †It might be good to work some of them up again."

FaygoKid: †I have an even better set-- a "Romantics-a-Thon"... How about having them play their ENTIRE catalogue of works... I'd definitely hang out 24/7 for a marathon concert!!!!|

lmk_new: Hi Wally. Any chance on getting you guys to play the Detroit area again around the holidays? Hmmm??

Wally: "A few offers have come our way, but it's still a little early to make a final decision on. As soon as we hear anything, we will let everyone know!"

lmk_new: Yes, Wally, please play the Detroit area AGAIN. It seems like forever since you guys have played there.
Just kidding. But it seems as if NC is never going to see a show. Why, I ask?  Do you have something against NC?? I can't count the number of years since you guys have been close enough for me to catch a show.

Wally: "You are right. We haven't played North Carolina in quite some time. We intend on being much more visible concert wise in the coming year. Keep your fingers crossed"!

thefaygokid: Wally, what was your most memorable concert?

Wally: "Please be more specific. †Would you like to know about the most memorable concert that I have attended or performed?"

bookies_original: ok wally:

astros or cardinals?

Wally: "Cardinals"

white sox or angels?

Wally: "Angels"
Wally: "Oh, did you want me to pick the winners or the losers?"

(he just added that last comment today after his picks seem to have reached a screeching halt in the contention)

Joni_Scarcelli: Hey Wally, I cannot belive you are not married but I guess that is a good thing. You seriously have to get to Vegas and play it would be great!!! Life here is so good. It has been along time since Siloz days but I still have some really good memories of you & those days. You guys would just rock out here there are so many different places you can play. Think about it!!!

Wally: "If the right offer comes our way, we will take a look at it."

Jeanine: I'm so happy to hear there's a new record on the horizon!!! Pleeeeeeeeze come and play in NYC!!!
P.S. What sign are you Wally?

Wally: "Again, if the offer makes sense, we always take a look at them. †I'm sure will be exploring our options for more shows next year, especially with the release of a new album. I am the bull and full of it!"

Rob: Wally, who made the decision to go with such a different sound on the Strictly Personal album? I happen to like the record, but it's certainly a departure from the other albums. Was it Mike Stones influence, and did the band all sign off on it?

Wally: "The main change in the sound of the album was from having Coz playing lead guitar instead of Mike Skill, and the absence of Mike's songwriting contributions. †Pete Solley was an arranger/producer, whereas Mike Stone was an engineer/producer. †His biggest influence on Strictly Personal was giving the album a "live, big room" sound.
We knew what we were getting when Mike Stone signed on to do the project."

Jeanine: "I am the bull and full of it!"

LOL....I am the ram....pleased to meet you...wanna lock horns? Did I just say that? Sorry...couldn't help myself. Well...there must be some fire in your chart somewhere cuz you are smokin! Is that you in the beginning of "Devil in Me" with that wickedly sexy sounding "OWWW"?! Whew.... Kiss

Wally: "Yes, that is me smokin' at the beginning, middle and end of "Devil In Me"

BrewCity: The Hard Rock Milwaukee has yet to be built, designed, or even proposed. But I will continue to showcase Romantics memorabilia in my basement rec room until the day the Hard Rock comes here. Now about those red leather suits........

Wally: "Keep up the good work! Maybe I will be doing a PA there soon"!

(PA means personal appearance i think)-bookies_original-Re: Wally Responds to Your Questions!

Jeanine: Wally, do you remember a band called "The Flashcubes" from Syracuse? The drummer Tommy Allen is a good friend of mine...he says they toured with The Romantics back in the late 70's early 80's....anyway, if you do, Tommy says hello and loves the new record too.

Wally: "Yes, I remember "The Flashcubes" very well, great band! As a matter of fact, I saw Paul Armstrong a few months ago and spoke with him on the phone recently. He gave me their new CD's. We are working on doing some shows together somewhere down the line."

Jeanine: I would love to see those shows with the Flashcubes happen...I know Tommy would too!

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Wally Responds to Your Questions Part 3
Reply #3 - Oct 18th, 2006 at 3:49pm
Ken_Cheng: Hi, Wally. I've got a few questions on the Romantics' musical instruments.

The band has been seen using (I think) a Rickenbacker 325 , identical to the one that John Lennon used in the Beatles' early years, throughout its career. In the "What I Like About You" video, we saw Mike play it. In the "Talking In Your Sleep" video, we saw Coz play it. More recently, we've seen you play it during concerts. Is it in fact the same Ricky that all three of you have been using, or do you each own one?

Wally: "They were indeed Rickenbacker's, but all 3 are different. I don't believe that Mike and Coz have those guitars anymore. Mine is a reissue 1997 VB, "Pete Townsend" model."

Additionally, I noticed that the bass guitar that Rich used on "What I Like About You" looks alot like the one Mike used on "Talking In Your Sleep." Same bass?

Wally: "Once again, both basses are different. Rich's was a Fender and Mike's, to my recollection, might have been a Hamer."

Are there any instruments that you guys use today that are the same ones you were using back when you started out?

Wally: †"Yes, there are. †Speaking for myself, I still record with a 67 Gretsch "Tennessean" occassionally. †We also use Fender Strat's, Tele's and Basses that we own as well as Gibson Les Paul's, Junior's,SG's and a variety of acoustic guitars. "

mymeka: Wally, Hey there, friend! What is your favorite older song, and favorite newer Romantics song?

Wally: "They are all my children and I don't like to pick favorites"!

I have to say - "Night Like This" and "Devil In Me" are so sexy!!!
When ya comin' back to Philly???

Wally: †"We need to play Philly soon and pick a more appropriate place than the one we played last year"!

Ain't that the truth? Although, just 1/2 hour from my suburban home, that place IS the dumps! †If it weren't for you guys being there, and Linda, I would have never gone!
There are SO many wonderful places to play in Philly!!! †Come back!

BrewCity: Wally, everyone who has seen Brad perform with the band thinks he is a great addition. Are you still treating him as temporary help, or do you have plans to make him a permanent member of the band?

Wally: †"Brad has been considered a permanent member of the band since he joined us in early 2004. He has never been thought of as temporary. We are looking forward to recording our next album with Brad. We have formed a very strong chemistry between the 4 of us and can't wait to get it documented".

pinkbubelz: Has the band considered hooking up with an outfit that could record the live concerts and make them available to people after the concert or even in the online store? I ask as we saw The Fixx earlier this summer and they had an outfit called Disclive with them that recorded the concert and about 15-20 minutes after the show you could buy a copy for $20. I don't know what the cost is to the band as compared to what the band would get in return, but we loved the idea and the quality is great.

Wally: †"As a matter of fact, we are in discussions of putting a deal together for this or a similar device, to be used in recording the live shows. We just haven't settled on one yet. When we do, we will let everyone know".

Timster2: Wally, Given everything that you and the other band members have gone through, what advice would you give to someone who wanted to get into the music business?

Wally: †"That would be a very long question to answer. I will let you know when my next seminar on this topic will be! If you have anything specific in mind, I can try and answer them, but I would really need to go into great lengths to respond to this question. In short, "Give it your best shot and go for it!"."

pinkbubelz: Hi Wally, Any chance the guys could do another Yahoo Group chat soon?

Wally: †"We can try and schedule another Yahoo Group chat soon. Whenever it is convenient for all of us to be in the same place, I will arrange it and post it on the website."

I could come by and even take photos that we could post during the chat... Smiley

Wally: †"If we did it in Detroit, that would work out."

bookies_original: Do the Romantics have any aspirations/desires to be elected into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Wally: †"If we were ever considered and or inducted, it would be a very distinct and great honor."

pinkbubelz: Wally, how are your doggies doing?
And, where is the most interesting place that you have travelled? This past week, I was in East Lansing for a conference-- and they played Talking in your sleep on the local radio station-- the DJ mentioned that he saw The Romantics play at Sensations bar... I think that must have been in the late 80s! Smiley

Wally: "Any new destination is always an interesting one. †I enjoyed Japan, Australia, Spain, Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, Chile, most of Europe and the good ole US of A. †The list goes on and on. †What can I say? †The band loves to travel!"

pinkbubelz: Hey Wally, I just finished watching "Mayor of the Sunset Strip". Does you know Rodney Bingenheimer?

Wally: †"Yes, I does know Rodney. †We have met on a few occassions and he has come to see the band perform in LA."

Wally: "Who is this guy, Justin Case?  Do I nedd to meet him?

Jeanine: Wally, how do you stay in such great shape? Do you go to the gym?

Wally: †"Are you sure that you have the right guy? †LOL! †I am constantly running up and down the stairs in my house! †I also try and run a few miles when I can. †Mainly to keep my wind and stamina up to par!"

pinkbubelz: Hey Wally,
What do you think of my parody (of Rock You Up--check the DVD thread...)?

Does it make you hungry? Wink

Wally: †"Oh yes indeed! †And just in time for Thanksgiving!"

Well...whatever yer doing, keep it up "coz" (not very original pun intended) it's workin for ya! Happy Thanksgiving Wally and everyone!

pinkbubelz: Hey Wally, What did you eat for Thanksgiving? Did you cook, or go to your mom's?

Wally: "It has been a month since Thanksgiving!  How am I supposed to remember?  But really, Thanksgiving dinner was wonderful as always, until I watched the Lions performance that afternoon!! I didn't cook and left it all up to the family.  Even though I did have a hand at mashing the potatoes!  I'm one "helluva" masher!  I was also the official taster before dinner."

pinkbubelz: Hey Wally,
Some of your fans want to know if you (and the rest of the band) will answer the following questions!

(Copy & paste the following text into a reply--Bookies can help you!)
Board Name: "Wally Palmar"

2) How long have you been in the Romantics:
"From the beginning"
3) Favorite Romantics Memorabilia:
"Black and White Polka Dot Vinyl Pants"
4) Favorite Romantics Concert:
"Sam's Lounge in Hamtramck"
5) Tell us about your first Romantics Concert:
"Opening for the "New" MC 5, at My Fair Lady in 1977."
6) What is the farthest you've ever travelled to play?
"Melbourne, Australia"
7) How far would you ever travel to play
"Any distance within reason"
8) What do you do when not working on The Romantics?
"Work on The Romantics"
9) Favorite song off of 61/49:
"All of them"
10) Favorite Romantics Video:
"None of them"
11) Other musical favorites:
"Too many to name!"
12) Favorite Band:
"The Handcuffs"
13) Have you ever met your favorite band? (and when?):
"Yes, in 2004"
14) Favorite Song:
HEY TAM NA HORI SICH IDE (Famous Ukrainian Anthem)
15) Favorite Album:
"Meet The Romantics"
16) Your hobbies (besides being in the Romantics):
"cooking and gardening"
17) Your Biggest Musical Influence:
"Please read my unauthorized biography."
18) Favorite Food:
"Reference Question 11"
19) Favorite Drink:
"Alcohol? Buttermilk, Eggnog, and Lemonade"
20) Favorite Restaurant in Detroit:
"Como's, Mario's and Mon Jin Lau"
21) Favorite Music Venue in Detroit:
"Any venue offering good entertainment on any given night."

Hey Wally, When do we get to hear the Romantics play the Ukraniam Anthem? That sounds cool!

Wally: †"We are in the process of learning it!"

solodka: That is much more than one question!

pinkbubelz: LOL... a LONG.... run-on question... †Grin

the thread says "Wally responds to your Questions!", not "question"... :-D

Got to keep things lively in here!

bookies_original: "if you could ask the band just 1 question, what would it be?"

well the idea was to ask one question per fan but since wally has been such a great sport about this and the fans seem to love it, i guess its up to him how many he wants to answer!

pinkbubelz: LOL--
We have to get our Romantics fix somehow!

solodka: Wally, If you were to ask Santa for something this Christmas, what would you ask for?

Wally: †"All I want is a hula hoop and some paint by numbers kits.

I've got some hula hoops... Smiley †I'll work on the Paint by Numbers...

Pac-Man: Any chance we might see you guys come out to the Northwest next year (Oregon for us) or somewhere nearby? We would love to see you again as the last time we saw you was August of 2002 when you were out here at a local county fair. You might remember it as during the encore a "rowdy" guy in the front row got a little escort by the police. Gotta love the fair drunks

Wally: †"Well, now I know who that rabble-rouser was in the front row! † There has been talk already about doing a couple of different shows in the Seattle, Portland area. †Obviously, as soon as we have dates finalized, we will post them."

BrewCity: Pac-Man, how long did they keep you in jail for that one?

Andrew: Wally, what are your feelings towards the MPA and them cracking down and wanting to throw people in jail who run websites with guitar tabs/chords and lyrics?

Wally: †"I would think putting someone behind bars would be a little extreme. †But knowing record labels, they are trying to scrutinize and keep close tabs on their investments. Of course, the artists want to get compensated for their efforts and hard work. †But it takes forever to get any money out of the record labels anyway! †It is nice to know that someone is trying to keep a close eye on all of this. †I'm sure that every artist is in it for the love of the craft, but they still need to make a living"

Pac-Man: Not sure who the rowdy drunk was but it wasn't me. †Don't want people to get confused on that one.

buyadodge: wally, have you and iggy ever met?

Wally: †"Yes, briefly on a few occasions."

bookies_original: Wally, do you have any idea how many bands have covered What I Like About You?

Wally: †"To my recollection, I know of three recorded versions. †One by Michael Morales, another by a local Detroit band, The Suicide Machines, and Lillix, whose version is used on the sitcom, What I Like About You. †Oh, and I forgot the version that Shrek and Princess Fiona sing at the end of Shrek 2. †If anyone knows of any other versions, please let me know."

BrewCity: ...and, do you like any of the cover versions?

]Wally: †"It's always interesting to hear another artist's take on your songs."

Didn't John "Cougar" Mellencamp rip off What I Like About You with R O C K in the USA? Sounds like it to me!

pinkbubelz: I have certainly heard a few interesting versions... Including an "American Idol" Barbie (I think) that plays What I like About yOu!

Wally: †"Yes, Tori, sang it for me when I pressed her button at Toys "R" Us a few weeks ago!"

pinkbubelz: Hi Wally!
I just posted this under the "Romantics Merchandise" thread, but thought I'd post it here as well... Smiley

Have you ever thought about coming out with a Romantics Christmas album? I'll bet that you guys could put an interesting spin on some old familiar Christmas tunes! I, for one, would love to photograph you guys in some Red (and white) suits.... Smiley Maybe a throw-back to the Red suits of old? Smiley

Wally: †"We have "fooled" around with a couple of Christmas songs and one of our own. †Nothing really came out of those sessions. †But that doesn't mean that something can't happen in the future."

solodka: I, for one, would love to photograph you guys in some Red (and white) suits.... Smiley †Maybe a throw-back to the Red suits of old?

I think I brought something like this up in the Christmas thread! †It had to do with some wishes!!!

pinkbubelz: LOL@Solodka...Great minds must think alike! One of these days, when you come to Detroit, I will have to meet you in person!!!

knownote: if you could ask the band just 1 question, what would it be?
Back on the Rhythm Romance tour, I saw you guys at Furman University in south carolina. You did a song I believe you mentioned was from a new album you were working on, but it never materialized. The title of the song had the word "Avenue" in it. Something like "out on the avenue". Was I imagining this song? Or is it one of the unreleased songs of that period? It must have beena good song for me to remember it all these years.

Wally: "The song you heard was in fact titled, "On The Avenue" and it was one of a group of new songs that we were testing out as we were writing for a new album at that time. There are probably 8 to 10 songs from that period that were "demoed" but not recorded. Whether or not they turn up anywhere in the future, only time will tell."

bookies_original: "Let me take this time to also wish everyone a very Happy New Year! Thanks for your enthusiasm!

pinkbubelz: Happy New Year to you Wally!!!
And, to Mike, Coz & Brad, too!!!

By the way-- great new picture on the website!
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Wally Responds to Your Questions Part 4
Reply #4 - Oct 18th, 2006 at 3:53pm
oldfriend: On the "Good Things Utah" morning talk show that you guys were on, Mike used a Telecaster that I don't ever remember seeing before (it sounded great. very cool tone. very unusual designs on the body) What year is that Telly and how long has Mike had it? Same for Coz's white Strat. Is that vintage or fairly new? While I'm at it, What year was the Rick you were playing? By the way, it was a pleasant surprise to see a complete version at the end of the show of "61/49". I was told that they only aired the "What I Like About You" jam and "She's Got Everything" (Which sounded great). Back to the main question. How about some info on those guitars?
† † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †PS.
† † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †I enjoyed the the witty
† † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †answers to some of those
† † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † interview questions.

Wally: Sorry about the delay in replying to your questions, but it has taken me 20 days of extensive research to come up with the proper answers. †
Mike's Telecaster is custom made with a '67 or '68 neck with a semi hollow body. †He has had it now for about 10 or 12 years and has used it live and on different recordings. †It's a great sounding guitar. †Especially when plugged straight into a Vox AC30.
Mike and his son helped customize the body.
Coz's Strat is a reissue and also sounds great when plugged straight into a Vox AC30.
My Rick is also a reissue. †The Pete Townsend model. †That guitar sounds at it's best plugged straight into an AC30 and opened up.
Obviously you have access to the tv show and we recorded more songs than were shown on the broadcast. †Maybe we can get some of the clips out so that everyone can see them.

Rob: Wally, How did Dave Petratos become a member of the band after Jimmy Left? I still have an old Cream magazine article that stated a Ralph Serafino was chosen to be the new drummer.

Wally: Ralph Serafino as well as 2 or 3 other local drummers were auditioned, painfully. †Dave was in a band that was managed by our old managers. †We were pressed into a recording schedule which would eventually become the "Rhythm Romance" album. †Dave came in and did a great job in a very short time of preparation.
By the way, we never auditioned Jimmy Left!

Andrew: I'll add to oldfriend's guitar post.... anything special about those Vox amps that you normally use? Are the fairly new or vintage stuff?
Oh and Wally I just thought I say that I was surfing around on my college's website where students have profiles and list favorite artists and several other students listed the Romantics!

Wally: We used different amps for different sized venues. †We have been using AC30's as much as possible because they are great amps with great tone. †When we can use our own, we do. †When not available we rent. †Our amps are both vintage and reissue.

bookies_original: Wally, since I hear you are such a huge football fan (or is it just Lions fan?), anyhow, any prediction for the Super Bowl?

Wally: Yes, Pittsburgh and Seattle!

BrewCity: Hey Wally, are you guys lined up to play any hometown shows or parties during Super Bowl week?

Wally: There was talk of a few different shows. †None of which we decided to do.

Rob: Wally, hilarious answer regarding "Jimmy Left!". †I didnt realize I had capitalized "Left." † Cant wait to see you guys here next month at The Belly Up!

PIRATE: Wally with the release dates starting in february, will there be new material?...if not ill enjoy the show either way, you guys are great!!... looking forward to catching you at the canyon club.

Wally: We always try and shuffle songs around in our set. †So, you never know what songs may turn up being played live.

Jeanine: Hey Wally...I hear ya about the Vox amps! I have a Vox ac30 purple reissue that I LOVE! I have heard some stories about the original/vintage ones catching fire! Has that ever happened to you?

Wally: No, it's never happened to me. Myself, I've never heard of that ever happening to anyone that I know. But, with any older amps, when the insides heat up, the tubes, transformer or wiring, anything is possible.

Re: Wally Responds to Your Questions! *updated
"Little White Lies"
Why are there two different versions of the first single?
"Little White Lies" was first recorded in 1977 and then re-recorded in 1978. †It was recorded at 2 different studios in Detroit.
Both versions appeared on our own independent label, Spider Records.
The first version was a bit slower than the next one, which had a different intro and more "snap" to it.
A third version was recorded a year later in 1979, and appeared on our first album "The Romantics".
To my recollection, no version ever appeared on Bomp Records.

rockford_boy: Charity Donation Request?
Wally, I llve in Rockford, IL the place where you played in 04 and was wondering if the DVD from that show could be approved and used to raise funds for the Gary Wilmer Scholorship Fund. Gary is the late brother of Dave Wilmer Rick Nielsens retired guitar tech from the begining of time.
I made the DVD for you guys in the band as a gift and now the RAMI organization that handles the Gary Wilmer Scholorship Fund is in need of new ways to raise money for up and coming Rockford Area kids that want to play and study music.

Please let me know if there is anyway possible to allow 2,000 pressings of the DVD to be made and sold (100% of funds to the foundation) in order to raise money for the Gary Wilmer Scholorship Foundation.

I can provide any details on the RAMI organization or Bun E from CT could vouch for them, they need help and I have a great product in my basement that could help raise funds.

If you need to reach me, Brad knows my info and I know that these DVD's would sell. It was a great SHOW.

Please advise and thanks for letting me tape you guys that night.

Rockford Boy Out!

Wally: It is a legal matter which needs to be discussed amongst all parties. †At this time, it is not possible for me to give an ok on this.

pinkbubelz: Hi Wally-- Check out my posts on the Fan Collaboration page--Oldfriend and I are bouncing around the idea of doing some kind of †a "Romantics" appreciation gathering--where we could sit down and enjoy looking at fan memorabilia,
listen to tapes and watch videos of past performances, etc...
I'm wondering if this is something the Band would be interested in doing? † I'm getting ready for another Breast Cancer 3 Day / 60 Mile walk for 2006 and was thinking it would be a fun way to help me and my team raise funds for my walk in August, 2006.

I think it might be great "meet & greet" for some of the fans, †as well as a way to celebrate your upcoming DVD and to just chill out with the band vs. having to be rushed because you are getting ready to perform onstage....

What do you think? †Would the guys be up for a Romantics Fanatic gathering? Smiley †I think it could also help bring
some publicity for your new DVD as well! :-

Wally: I think it is a great idea and I'm sure the guys would love to be involved in it. †But we would need to be in the same place at the same time. †The closest that we get to that would be to do a show in Detroit and have it the day before or the day after. †If that comes about then we can discuss it. †The only other option is to have Mike Skill buy plane tickets for all of the "Fanatics" and meet up in Hawaii.

Rob: Hey Wally,
Will Rich Cole be playing with you guys on the latest February tour dates, or is that just something he will do when you have Detroit area gigs?

Wally: Unfortunately, Rich will not be joining us in the month of February. †But that is not to say that anything can happen in the future.

pinkbubelz: Hi Wally,
Is it possible for the website to carry some of your older records or CDs as part
of the merchandise options? †I realize there may be some restrictions, but It would be
great to be able to purchase some of the more rare CDs or records directly from the band.
(such as "Made in Detroit") vs. off of EBay or somewhere else.

Wally: All of my copies are stored away in a safety deposit vault, which at this time, I do not have access to the key. †When I do find the key I can free up about 500 copies and they will be going for $250 each! †Until that time, I will inquire from my mates if they have any extra copies lying around that they would be willing to part with.

pinkbubelz: Hi Wally,
I met an interesting guy named Scott a few weeks ago who told me to ask you about 2 things...

1) Do you remember a show at "Hole in the Woods" in Orlando (I think back in the 80s)
2) How about a Russian girl named Irina?

(I understand that Scott first met you back in the 80s at that club...He drove down from Michigan with his frat brothers...)

Wally: Yes, I remember playing at the "Hole in the Woods" and I also remember Irina.

Ken_Cheng: Hi, Wally:
Have you or any other Romantics members ever met or attended any performance by any of the former Beatles? †If all four Beatles were still alive today, which one would you want to meet most? †Which one would you want to jam with most?

Wally: I can only speak for myself. †I never saw the Beatles live, but I have seen shows by Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and Pete Best.
I would find meeting each individual equally interesting and intriguing. †It would be great fun and an honor, to sit in with the whole band!

pinkbubelz: Ken, that is an awesome question!

I have a follow-up question for Wally--
What inspired you to learn the Harmonica? †And, are there any harmonica players that you admire?

Wally: Listening to favorite bands of mine as I was growing up inspired me the most. †All of my favorite bands seemed to utilize the harmonica at one point or another. †Some harp players were more influential than others. †But it almost seemed to be a standard for any rock band out of the 60's to use the harp in their songs. †For example, Lennon, Jagger, Brian Jones, Roger Daltrey, Ray Davies, Phil May, Van Morrison and especially Keith Relf and Little Walter.

As a follow-up to the Harmonica question...
Do you give lessons for the harmonica newbie? We might need to form a line for this one! †My Dad used to play and he was wonderful! †I could listen to that all night! †If you twist my arm a bit I'm sure that I could do the same for Wally too!

Wally: I'm still trying to give myself lessons! †And I don't feel it proper to pass along my inadequacies to anyone wanting to learn to play the harmonica! †Easiest way to learn:
Step 1: †Insert harmonica in mouth.
Step 2: †Suck in and blow out.
Step 3: †Practice makes perfect!

mrclemma: Wally,
What are some of your favorite songs/records, released or not from some of the other Squeeze Inn/Bookies/Nunzio's era bands?
Thanks for your reply to my question about your Beatle encounters. †

Now, we go from the legendarily famous to the incredibly obscure. †Wally, have you ever heard of a Southern California-based, late 1970s/early 1980s New Wave/power pop band called the Heaters? †They came from the same era as the Romantics, and played a similar style of music. †Their members were Melissa Connell (bass guitar), Maggie Connell (keyboards), Mercy Bermudez (lead vocals and saxophone), Carlos De La Paz (electric guitar; Carlos is my guitar teacher and good friend), and Victor Bisetti (drums; Victor has also played with Los Lobos). † They were a local sensation in Southern California during the late 70s/early 80s, and recorded one album called ENERGY TRANSFER for Columbia Records (unfortunately, the record was never released). †Their sound and look had much in common with the early Romantics.

Wally:Yes, I do remember "hearing about"the band, but don't think that I have ever "heard" them. †I remember reading about them in different "underground fanzines". †Tell them I said "Hey".

bookies_original: Wally, do you plan on indulging in any paczki's today?
if so, what is your favorite flavor?

Wally: Prune, followed closely by Custard! †Think of that combination! †Oh, I forgot, the raspberry paczki is really good too!

pinkbubelz: Hey Wally,
Are you giving up anything for Lent?

Wally:Yes, Prune Paczki! Followed closely by Custard and Raspberry!


Well, just DON'T give up your sense of humor!!!

bookies_original: ok, i know we have discussed this somewhere before but why isn't there any Romantics memorabilia at the Hard Rock Detroit? †i was downtown today at the hard rock and thought that we really need to get your red leather suit on display there! †who should we petition?

Wally: No need to petition there Bookies! †I feel that I have been down this road before. †Just for the record, The Romantics were never approached about putting any of our memorabilia up at the Hard Rock in Detroit. †We also felt it unnecessary to submit our "wares" to be put on display. †If they really wanted something, they would have asked us by now.

solodka: I think I can answer this and Wally can confirm it. †Several Hard Rock's have asked for it, but I believe that no one at this time wants to part with it!

bookies_original: but it belongs in DETROIT!!

solodka: It is in Detroit! †Just hangin' around the other suits in Wally's closet!
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Wally Responds to Your Questions Part 5
Reply #5 - Oct 18th, 2006 at 3:59pm
Rob: Hey Wally,
Has the band ever play In The Nighttime live? I still think Strictly Personal is an under rated album!!

Wally: When we were promoting †"Strictly Personal", In The Nighttime was part of our ilve show, as well as 4 or 5 other songs from that album.

I loved the Pink Suit LP. I used to cover In the Nighttime, Bop, She's Hot. The overdriven bass parts were killer.
Wally, tell them about the UFO concert when you had the pink suits on.

Wally: I think I remember which show you are referring to. †We were put on the bill, opening for some metal band, it might have been UFO. †It was definitely in the suburb of Chicago, in an arena. †Obviously a bad billing. †But sometimes, playing in front of a large audience, with enough money as incentive, will make you think twice about doing a show! At any rate, that audience did not want any part of us, no matter what songs that we did. †It probably didn't help matters any that we were sporting "pink leather suits" onstage that night! †All we could do was fulfill our obligation and have a good laugh out of it! †Definitely not a night to reminisce about.

What kind of promoter would put a heavy metal band and a New Wave/power pop band on the same billing in the early 1980s. That organizer wasn't doing the Romantics any favors, Wally. †It was fortunate nobody got hurt at that show.

Wally: Yes, my sentiments exactly!

pinkbubelz: I think it would have been fun to see the guys in pink suits... Smiley PINK is my favorite color (can't you tell?)
In honor of the Romantics, I've now picked up a red (and black) jacket.

BrewCity: I hope it looks as good on you as it did on Michael Jackson in the "Thriller" video.....

solodka: I now have visions of Michael Jackson dancing in my head! †Kind of like sugarplums, but not exactly!

pinkbubelz: It is NOT a Michael Jackson jacket!!!! †Smiley EWWW!!!
I have far better taste than that!
it's red with black kind of like a brocade looking type of pattern interspersed.
Of course, I do have my Fuscia pink leather jacket (which is the closest thing I have to a red leather jacket... Smiley

BrewCity: Lotsa zippers, I hope. And shoulder pads.

pinkbubelz: "Lotsa zippers, I hope."
"And shoulder pads."
***slap slap slap slap slap

solodka: Wally,
I asked Brad this same question:
I read that Beck's first job was working as a YMCA ID photographer. What was your first job?

Wally: My first job ever? One of my first jobs was working in a small shop that manufactured acoustical ceiling tiles. And I worked for a magazine distributer, in the returns department!

Here's another one:
I read that the first record purchased by Simon Le Bon from Duran Duran was an album by Genesis, The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway. What was your first record that you remember owning?

Wally: It was either, "She Loves You" by the Beatles on the Swan Label, "Twist and Shout" on the Tollie Label or "I Want To Hold Your Hand on Capital"!

oldfriend: Wow! Wally, mentioning "Acoustic's" brings back some memories. Now I have a question. What were those drinks called that we used to go get once in a while at lunch time that already had the alchohol mixed in? (Vodka I think). For everyone else. †Ya that's right! Once in a while we would go out at lunch time and get a buzz! Hey Wally. Do you remember that once in a while we would go to that old rehearsal hall on Fleming (I think) and jam at lunch time as well?

Wally: Oldfriend, I'm just not quite sure exactly what we were drinking at that time! †It might have been some kind of embalming fluid, seeing that we've lasted this long! †Yes, I remember the rehearsal hall and jamming there, complete with cardboard egg cartons on the walls for sound proofing!

Jeanine: Dear Wally,
I read somewhere on this board that you like to garden. †What grows in your garden? †What is your favourite flower? †And...Happy Spring! †Smiley
-Jeanine xoxo

Wally: Silver bells, cockle shells and pretty maids all in a row! †Actually, plenty of roses, peonies, tulips, iris, daffodils, dahlias, cannas and various vegetables. †Oh and lots of weeds when I'm not there to take care of it!

underdog64: Wally,
Is there any chance at all that Sony (or a smaller reissue label like Rhino) would remaster/reissue "In Heat" or at least give us a decent sized best of with rarities and b sides from the early days? Kinda dissapointed †with the skimpy Romantics GH comps that are available now

Wally: Since Sony has all the master tapes, they pretty much decide what will be released to the public. †We are trying to sway their decision making and talk them into putting together a chronological collection of released and unreleased songs. †Hopefully, they can see things our way and agree to start working on this project.

Wally-do you think getting a petition going to get Sony off their ***es and start doing something with the catalog as far as proper reissues with bonus tracks would be a good idea?

Wally: You can try! †It certainly wouldn't hurt to let Sony know what the fans want, since our catalog is not available. †Maybe, with enough constructive criticism, they may listen. †The Romantics totally agree with what you are saying and will try and get them to put out interesting compilations or just simply make our catalog available. †It's obviously a point of making money and they have the catalog. †So, it doesn't cost them much to put the CD's out, compared to what they would get in return from sales.[/b][/size][/color]

I mean it's the 21st century not the 80s but come on "What I like About You" still gets a lot of airplay both on the radio and in commercials and "In Heat" was a hugely popular abum when it came out . I really can't believe Sony is so clueless as a label when it comes to decide what titles get reissued properly and which don't.

Wally: Big record labels work in strange ways.

Wally Responds to Your Questions! *updated 4/13/06

solodka: It seems like you guys were all having a blast while touring with Little Steven, The Charms, The Shazam, The 45's and The Fleshtones! Was it as much fun as it looked? Do you think you will do it again? And last but not least, what was your most memorable moment from the Florida concerts?

Wally: We had a great time playing with those bands. †Their young, positive energy was reminiscent of the way things were when we first started The Romantics. †I think a lot of that enthusiasm rubbed off on us. †We looked forward to playing everyday because of all of the fun that we were having. †The bands bonded †and really got along well during the 5 days that we had together. †
Since then we did another set of shows for LSUG with The Supersuckers, The Gants, The Hatebombs and The Holograms, which was also great fun and left us very inspired.

Yes, there has been some discussions about sending this type of packaging of bands out on the road in the fall.

Besides watching all the bands do their half hour sets, and watching the Go-Go Girls dance in between, each night ended with all the bands up on stage with Little Steven doing a rendition of GLORIA. †It seemed to be a very fitting ending to the shows.

vegas girl: The one question would definately be "When are you guys going come and play in Vegas?

Wally: "No plans on any shows in Vegas at this time, but that could change."

PHey Wally, I just got the local news that you guys are playing at the nes South Coat Casino on the 26th of Aug. I am so excited.I have not seen you for so long.  I remember the good old Detroit Siloz days.  I have so many friends that want to see you guys How long will you be in vegas for?  Call me †(has been edited)

pinkbubelz: Vegas Girl-- make sure you vote in our poll about the Vegas Show!

PIRATE: wally....im glad you stop by the site from time to time...thats so cool.

i was wondering what are the thoughts or whats in the works for a new album project.
theres that new single....and makes me and im sure others whats in store in the up in coming future

Wally: †We are currently writing songs for a follow-up to "61/49". †If everything goes according to plan, we should have an album out by the end of the year.

Timster: Wally, I thought of some things while watching you play bass at the Manitowoc show. †I was always impressed how easily you, Mike and Coz swapped rhythmn, lead and bass duties. † Was it difficult for you to learn the bass parts after having played rhythmn guitar on the same songs for so long? †Does playing a different instrument alter your enjoyment on stage- i.e. having to concentrate more on a specific part rather than one you may be more familiar with? †

Wally: †Before The Romantics, I played bass in other bands. †So, as far as it being difficult for me, the answer is no. †It did take a little bit of work, sitting down with the songs, listening, learning and practicing the parts. Some songs were harder than others to keep the bass parts correct and making sure that it didn't affect my vocals.
Playing a different instrument keeps me on my toes and makes me pay attention and focus more, instead of just doing something routine. I am always up for a challenge!

davidduran: Hi Wally, my name is David, I have enjoyed your music for many years and have a couple questions for you to answer in the next round.
I was wondering, have you noticed a change in your songwriting since you first started writing and recording?
Also, what do you think caused The Romantics to stand out amongst the many other bands from the 80's? What do you attribute to your band's success?

rockford_boy: Wally,
Since YouTube is taking off with loads of Music Videos, do I have your permission to post on the YouTube website the Rockford, IL show from 2004. I have all the original files and can make some great streaming videos from it.
Plus, if any 61/49 CD's are still around you can link people to where to purchase the CD.
Let me know. I don't want to do things without the bands permission. I also have some 1990's Elvis Brothers footage from a video I did for them, I'm hoping band will Ok that too.
Thanks, can't wait for a new LP (dang I'm old, what do they call recordings these days?) At least I didn't say 78.

Wally: †I will get back to you after I check with the proper sources. †I, myself, don't have anything against having the footage available to everyone to see, but I just want to make sure.

pinkbubelz: Rockford_boy, you crack me up! LOL
I still call them "Records", too!

solodka: I guess I'm in the same boat! †Sort of, I call them albums!!!!!!!

bookies_original: that's ok, as long as you don't call them alblums!

pinkbubelz: Technically, they DID release a record for 61/49 and it is an Album..

BrewCity: Wally, how's the songwriting coming? †Are you guys still on track for a new record for this year? †Is there another Underground Garage tour in the works?
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Re: What happened to Wally Responds to Your Questi
Reply #6 - Oct 18th, 2006 at 5:58pm
Thanks for bringing these posts back! Wink
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Re: What happened to Wally Responds to Your Questi
Reply #7 - Jul 3rd, 2007 at 2:10am
Wally are you married now and are you looking for a girlfriend
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Re: What happened to Wally Responds to Your Questi
Reply #8 - Jul 3rd, 2007 at 8:53am
Angrywhy did Jimmy and Rich Cole end up quitting the band
and are you ever going to do any Toronto dates??
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