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Message started by domingo on Dec 12th, 2011 at 10:21pm

Title: Vote: What type of album should The Romantics record next?
Post by domingo on Dec 12th, 2011 at 10:21pm
Hi friends, my question is, what type of album do you think The Romantics should record next? Some people feel that The Romantics should record a professionally recorded live album containing a complete concert with the band's greatest hits and fan favorites.

Another option would be for The Romantics to follow in the footsteps of other bands such as The Smithereens and release an album of covers and classic songs re-interpreted by The Romantics. This cover album could include songs they have played in their live sets, such as songs by blues artists such as John Lee Hooker and Bo Diddley. Without the blues, the world might not have rock and roll music.

Here is where I will say what I feel. It's critical for The Romantics to record and release a new album, but these are the directions the band could take. Look at The Smithereens and how they have released two albums covering The Beatles and one album covering The Who. These cover albums allow the group to increase their credibility by attaching their name to legendary music and artists. Honestly, I believe that The Romantics would do an excellent job re-interpreting classic blues and r&b songs, because those same songs and artists inspired entire generations including The Beatles and there's no doubt that The Romantics would not exist without this historical music.

Title: Re: Vote: What type of album should The Romantics record next?
Post by BrewCity on Feb 15th, 2012 at 2:17am
I would like to see another studio album, like 61/49, of originals with maybe a couple of covers (Kinks covers seem to be popular choices).  We need some new music!!!

Title: Re: Vote: What type of album should The Romantics record next?
Post by KGRamone on Feb 17th, 2012 at 4:33am
I would like to see a "rarities" CD and a new studio album. Maybe both at the same time. :-)

But I'm not sure the band thinks it's critical to release new music. For one thing, it's expensive to record, produce the product, promote it, etc. And for another, most of the people at their live shows these days are there to hear the '80s stuff.

I was at a show in Ohio three or four years ago, and someone asked me (about "Devil in Me," I believe), "Was that a new song?" I said it was, and he said, "I don't like their new songs. They should stick to the old stuff."

I didn't punch him, because he is more representative of the typical audience than we are, from my experience. It's just what is. I do think, however, that the band very much enjoys it when "real" fans show up and clearly enjoy the new stuff as well as the old. I'm just not sure they could move enough CDs and downloads to make it worth their while.

That said, at some point they may simply feel like they've got the songs they want to release/record and do it as a download-only album. That would be far more cost-effective. I'm sure hoping so, because I would love to hear new stuff as well as older, unreleased stuff.

Title: Re: Vote: What type of album should The Romantics record next?
Post by domingo on Feb 19th, 2012 at 4:39am
While I agree with you about the mixture of fans and some staying in comfort zones, I feel you have a defeatist attitude and I respect your opinion. I'm not a dreamer and don't consider myself a positive person, but you are basically declaring that The Romantics have lost the race. 

If bands such as The Paul Collins Beat, The Nerves, The Plimsouls and Peter Case can get deals for new albums and re-issues of their old recordings, it should be very easy for The Romantics. The Paul Collins Beat have about 10 albums available, Peter Case has released some excellent rarities CDs for The Plimsouls, solo projects and The Breakaways.

Why is most of The Romantics' back catalog is out of print? You can't say that CDs and downloads are now obsolete, because these Collins/Case releases on Alive Naturalsound and Get Hip have come out very recently. Some are new albums, some live albums, some rarities and some new studio recordings. People are buying CDs and vinyls, as has been demonstrated by Collins and Case.

Merchandise is a big part of how musicians make money in modern times.

Fans frequently buy merchandise at their concerts and regardless of the price, I've seen several artists run out of merch by the end of the night! I've seen Tommy James do that twice; his merch tent ran out of all his CDs, DVDs and copies of his book!

Peter Noone of Hermans Hermits is one of the top acts from the 60s, still performing. Not only does Peter still have a great voice and puts on an energetic show, he easily makes $10,000 in one night from merchandise sales! Go to one of his shows and you will see what I mean. Nearly everyone leaves with at least one item, including CDs, t-shirts, DVDs and photos. Peter spends hours signing photos for fans after each concert.

Another great example would be Eddie Money, who must make about $10,000 in one night from merch sales! Long lines of people buy CDs, DVDs and photos for him to sign. I'm not really a fan of Eddie's music, but I've met and seen him play a couple times with some friends. Even I bought a photo from him and got it signed for the thrill.

The Romantics need to keep up with current trends and practices in the world of music. One can only imagine how much money they have lost as a result of not having sufficient merchandise. Items people buy at shows also serve as a great means of promotion, inspiring others to attend future concerts.

When done correctly, CDs, DVDs and Photos are a means of both profit and promotion. The problem with The Romantics is, they don't maintain a strong relationship with their fans. Half the time, they don't come out after the show for a meet and greet and half the time they don't have merch on hand, such as t-shirts or copies of "61/49."

So, look at Peter Noone's official website for the Hermans Hermits. He interacts with fans and does 2 meet and greets, usually one before and one after the concert. Peter maintains a profitable relationship with his fans, who are also the consumer of his product, his live performing talent and his merchandise.

By not following the formula that has been proven successful by Peter Noone, Tommy James and Eddie Money, The Romantics are missing the boat. This is when you start to see the Latino activist within me. We demand change!

Title: Re: Vote: What type of album should The Romantics record next?
Post by KGRamone on Feb 22nd, 2012 at 12:13am
I'm not "defeatist" at all, just a realist. Maybe they *should* be more active with such endeavors, and take some cues from the Noones and Cases of the world. But if they don't want to or strongly feel the need to, they aren't going to. That's just reality. They all have lives outside the Romantics. And living in separate cities across the U.S. only makes it all the more difficult for them to collaborate, rehearse, etc.

If you think about it, within the last year and a half or so, they have not only released yet another Greatest Hits collection, but also re-recorded/re-mixed their two biggest hits. So, they *are* active in certain ways -- and maybe these just happen to be the things they are inclined to get on board with, for whatever strategic reasons they may have.

I will be very surprised if they spend the time and money on an album of new material. I mean, Rolling Stone gave 61/49 great praise, and Little Steven championed the album on his show ... but I fear the audience for that kind of music is (sadly) limited. I think one could argue 61/49 was even the band's best album ever, but the blues-meets-British Invasion sound they now sport is awesome, but I'm not sure it is terribly profitable.

I really hope I'm wrong -- I've just not seen/heard much in the last few years to give me much hope that they are interested in recording new songs.

That said, I think it was you, Domingo, who posited that it might be cool for them to do an album of their favorite cover tunes (Pretty Things, MC5, Bo Diddley, etc.). I think that would be pretty fantastic, and with probably a lot less money and effort to invest. They could record most of that stuff live, and they already have arrangements for a great deal of it.

Title: Re: Vote: What type of album should The Romantics record next?
Post by domingo on Feb 23rd, 2012 at 12:09pm
Yes friend, that is a very good idea! Some of The Romantics' best shows are when they have the freedom and time to play whatever they want and sometimes they will do an extended set with more covers including Bo Diddley, Pretty Things etc.

At this point, we need to let the band know how we feel about the situation. The key to most bands' success lies in being able to listen to and take into consideration the ideas of their fans. If members of The Romantics aren't even reading what we say, how can they even know how we feel?

I've been VIP and met  Roger Daltrey from The Who. Roger is a very down to earth, humble guy who seems too normal to be a rock star. The most amazing thing that happened was when I suggested to Roger that they release The Who Live At Hull on CD in its entirety. He told me that was a very good idea and he would do what he could to make it happen in the future, because he knew it would do well. About a year or two later, they really did!

Title: Re: Vote: What type of album should The Romantics record next?
Post by KGRamone on Feb 23rd, 2012 at 9:04pm
Wow, that's pretty cool -- you can say you had a vote in a Who release. Not many can say that!

Every time I see Wally I get on him about recording new stuff, and he doesn't seem too inclined. Mike actually seems fairly keen on recording new material, and I know Brad wants to as well, so that could give us some hope. Brad has even written a couple of songs specifically for the Romantics.

I guess all we can do at this point is cross our fingers and hope they occasionally read these posts! :)

Title: Re: Vote: What type of album should The Romantics record next?
Post by domingo on Feb 24th, 2012 at 9:45am
Exactly! We must be patient. Also, I feel that The Romantics' manager or some of the top moderators on this board should direct the band's attention to our postings, which will ensure something gets done. Wally, Mike, Coz and Brad each need to read these posts.

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