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Message started by solodka on Sep 30th, 2007 at 7:58am

Title: Hooray for Hollywood!
Post by solodka on Sep 30th, 2007 at 7:58am
Florida that is!  Hollywood, Florida!  Southern Style!  

The Clambake on the beach!  What can I say?!!

Food and drink a plenty!  Classic Car Show...

I would say this show was in my top two!  I can't quite say if it was first or second between the Detroit concert from last year!  The energy was so high that I think it reached the full moon from last night!
Howling was at a maximum!
The set list was ripped up by Wally about mid-way through the concert, but I think it was pretty much the same as LV.  
Rock You Up
Midnight to Six
When I Look In Your Eyes
One In A Million
Come See Me
Cadillac/Who Do You Love
Talking In Your Sleep
Stone Pony
Tom Boy
First In Line
New Kinda Pain
She's Got Everything
What I Like About You

I Need You

I thought that nothing would beat the down home energy crowd from Detroit, but perhaps I was mistaken!  Maybe Coz brought the hometown energy of Florida with him!  He even brought  his family down!  His mother looks amazing!  Could have been his older sister if I didn't know better!  Hat's off to her! ;)
The interaction between the band and the crowd was awesome!  For What I Like About You, I think the crowd sang more that Wally!  He put the microphone and stand into the audience on every side and got everyone to scream and sing louder and louder, it was great~

At one point Mike even got one of the girls standing in front of me to strum his guitar!  I think she almost fainted!!!!  Pleasure was abundant in the crowd for sure!!!!! :)
Brad was his usual showman self!  One handed balancing acts, comedy routines, etc....  I don't think he missed a toss at all!  At least I didn't see one!  He threw sticks into the audience that almost brought on some fights!  The crowd was in a frenzy!  Really was great!

Title: Re: Horray for Hollywood!
Post by rockford_boy on Oct 2nd, 2007 at 12:25am
So, it was Hurricane "Detroit" that went thought Fl.

I wish the weather people would get that stuff right!

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