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Message started by jonnie2224 on Aug 20th, 2007 at 1:18pm

Title: Erie,PA
Post by jonnie2224 on Aug 20th, 2007 at 1:18pm
Sorry it took me so long to post.....Wally yes I'm still driving in the car ....I past Cleveland and I think I'm in Iowa somewhere LOL !!!
Anyway here we go......set list.........
Rock You Up
Midnight to Six
When I look in your eyes
One in a Million
Come See Me
Night Like This
Talking in your Sleep
When the Angels hear me Calling
Stone Pony
First in Line
New Kind of Pain
She's Got Everything
What I like About You

Ok so if I had a baseball bat it would have had the stage hands names on it they caused so many technical difficulties but the Romantics are so experienced they could play through a tornado and it wouldn't matter they wouldn't miss a beat. I really dug the Rationals cover "Respect" that was a fun song. And Mike did a great job with his vocals on Stone Pony and New Kida of Pain. The crowd started slow they were getting into it but I think they were shocked that the Romantics were still Rockin. I was telling Mike and Coz they still play some hot licks.
Met up wth Wally and the gang was great to catch up. They signed so many autographs and took photos with people. I even got sign two Romantic shirts for some fans I was embarassed but Wally told me I'm an honorary Romantic so it's all good.
Anyway hope everyone is well I will report back @ the Cleveland show...............till then !!!!!!!!

Title: Re: Erie,PA
Post by mymeka on Aug 23rd, 2007 at 3:07am

I SO wanted to be at this show, but coming from Philly would have been a hike, and I've just seen them in Nashville in June was a no go unfortunately.

Thanks for the review!


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